Each and every day, our actions, behaviours, opinions, and even thoughts are guided by an infinite number of invisible lines. Political and legal boundaries, societal norms and institutions, and the social momentum [among many other factors] significantly influence the way in which we perceive and interact with our surroundings on a daily basis.  The impetus of this project is to explore some of these societal guiding lines and invite discussion on how they may define our contextual reality. In this vein, it is hoped that we may begin to recognize, manipulate, and even capitalize on these intangible yet ubiquitous elements of human society. By revealing the guiding lines, we become aware of being guided.

This project centres around designing a structure to permanently house a bookstore and a collection of maps. Located on a particularly challenging site in the Glebe neighbourhood of Ottawa [Ontario], this project reimagines a narrow [4m diameter] alleyway between Third and Fourth Avenues.  As a means of informing our design, we had been asked to “design from the details”; a prescriptive process which entailed first designing an Art Piece, then a Collection Room, and finally the completed bookstore / Archive.