Mike Knauer

My name is Mike Knauer and I am currently working as an Intern Architect AIBC practicing in Vancouver, BC. I have completed a Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta) in 2009, and have recently completed my Master of Architecture degree at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario in 2014.

Pursuing Architecture as a career precipitated from my studies in Human Geography. In exploring the links between Geography and Architecture, I became interested in examining the spatial components underlying our social behaviours and the inter-relationships which exist between humans and their environment(s). Within architecture, my interests are focussed primarily upon innovative solutions which address global issues through local solutions. My foundational philosophy is that in everything we do, everything we write, and everything we build, there are consequences for those who come after us. With this in mind, my greatest ambition within the field of Architecture is to help shape a society which presents their children with a surplus of intergenerational equity, rather than a deficit; one project at a time.